the million dollar photo – peter lik

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“one” simple photo has managed to make international headlines and break world records. peter lik, renowned photographer has sold a print of the above photo to an anonymous investor … the price tag: $1 million. it’s the most expensive photo ever and the first photo to be sold for a million dollars.

in a press release, lik tells the story of how he got the photo in new hampshire, america. it was a beautiful moment and, with his gear set up he took one photo … this was the result … the reflections on the river give the appearance of an impressionist painting.

the print too is a “one” time print, with lik promising to never print the photo again.


  • Not sure where you got the information on this sale, because it’s not completely accurate. my buddy from the Waikkiki gallery is the one who sold this image to a person of Asian descent. They flew and met at Lik’s gallery at the Venetian in Vegas and struck the deal for $430k, not one million. Lik, btw, is not American – he is Austrailian. Personally Lik’s works seem very fake to me, I’ve been out in nature for forever!

    Even the Orlando Sentinel removed it from their postings because it’s not true:

  • thanks for your comment scott.

    firstly i never said he was american. i said that the shot was taken in america.

    secondly, i got the information from a press release (which i linked in the article). admittedly, the press release was provided by lik himself, however i would hope that major news sources (which have also reported this story) have taken the time to verify it … i’m not in the position to waste my time and resources doing so.

    finally, i am aware that lik is somewhat controversial and has been accused of exaggeration (and fraud) in the past. this may be the case here too … and if so, i will be disappointed. but i still think that he produces some incredible photos.

    btw, a quick google of your name shows that you have taken the time to copy/paste your comments to various sites … it seems you have some kind of vested interest in this subject.

  • This is a true scenery that Peter Lik did see it in reality in that particular moment. Because I have had the same experience as him only once in my entire life. The image just showed up in front of me all of the sudden. This happened once at Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur California. As I was looking down a wave crashed into the rock and the water around the rock formed a large flower and it seemed as if it was floating in the sand. I didn’t have my camera at that point. I have lived in monterey california for 12 years and I’ve gone to that same spot many times and I have never seen the water form around the rock like it did that one time I saw the flower. Maybe Peter Lik has that ability to capture that image every time he takes a picture of nature. He can help me take this image and show it in public. I would appreciate it. Peter Lik is a great photographer that does his own work with a CAMERA in his own way.

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