travel diary – day 340 

day 336 – basically, i’m killing time until i get my pakistan visa. i can’t leave delhi without it. so i have been spending my days as lazily as possible, trying not to spend too much money. i bought some underwear and spent much of the day online. i had dinner at a rooftop bar [...]

travel diary – day 295 

day 291 – i got another early start and headed to kl central station. i bought a flight to kota kinabalu and a return train ticket to singapore. it was a busy morning, so i raced back to my hotel and checked out. i stored my bag and returned to the train station to make [...]

photo a day #70 – begging on the subway 

  i don’t often post these kinds of photos. i like korea and i prefer to focus on the colourful side of this country’s culture. but last night i was angry and wanted to illustrate that there are many sides to korean culture. one of the most shocking things to me, for a developed country, [...]