travel diary – day 275 

day 271 – the trip to borobodur required a 4am start. there were only three of us on the tour and when the car picked me up we headed straight off. after an hour we arrived at the ‘lookout point’ which was where we were supposed to watch the sunrise. we walked up a steep [...]

travel diary – day 260 

day 256 – remembrance day – i had breakfast and coffee with a black fella called murray, did some washing and read my book. then i got the bus into town to sort out some travel arrangements. i was going to buy a ticket to bali, but was told that i needed an outbound flight [...]

travel diary day 35 

day 30 (continued) – instead of spending the evening doing totally nothing, i decided to be a good guest and cooked dinner for my generous host. i went digging around the kitchen and found enough ingredients to make a very reasonable spaghetti. there was no cummin, kidney beans or chilli powder, but i could make [...]

travel diary day 30 

day 26 – today was a crazy, confusing day. it made me realise how retarded some countries are with regards to inter-country relationships.  while i was still recovering from the previous night’s passport dramas, i woke up at 4am (the new ipod has a nifty little alarm clock) and headed to the bus station. when [...]

awesome japan trip 

last night i got back from my 3 night, 4 day trip to japan. friday afternoon i headed to the airport and i was worried that i would miss my flight. the bus was caught in traffic. i arrived and headed to check-in when two guys jumped in front of me.  i don’t know if [...]