the million dollar photo – peter lik 

[image removed] “one” simple photo has managed to make international headlines and break world records. peter lik, renowned photographer has sold a print of the above photo to an anonymous investor … the price tag: $1 million. it’s the most expensive photo ever and the first photo to be sold for a million dollars. in [...]

travel diary – day 140 

days 124 – 137 can be found on my vietnam motorcycle diary page. day 137 – i woke up late and moved to a cheaper room. hanoi was hot, but i still got out and walked around town. i ended up down at the lake which is basically the centre of town. i wandered around [...]

travel diary day 40 

day 36 – i finished packing and headed into kao san road for some last minute business … first on the agenda was obtaining enough cash to keep me going in myanmar. the country has no atm machines (due to economic sanctions) so it’s impossible to withdraw money and very few places (mostly expensive hotels) [...]

travel diary day 35 

day 30 (continued) – instead of spending the evening doing totally nothing, i decided to be a good guest and cooked dinner for my generous host. i went digging around the kitchen and found enough ingredients to make a very reasonable spaghetti. there was no cummin, kidney beans or chilli powder, but i could make [...]

travel diary day 30 

day 26 – today was a crazy, confusing day. it made me realise how retarded some countries are with regards to inter-country relationships.  while i was still recovering from the previous night’s passport dramas, i woke up at 4am (the new ipod has a nifty little alarm clock) and headed to the bus station. when [...]