travel diary – day 415 

day 411 – we finished packing in the morning, checked email and headed to the airport. we flew to istanbul and headed to the backpacker district. it turns out that, with anzac day just around the corner, hotels were booked solid and prices had risen considerably. annoyed, we checked into a dormitory and went for [...]

travel diary – day 385 

day 381 – although christina and i were having fun, the travels were not going well. turkey was more expensive than iran and pakistan, so i was still getting used to the higher costs. in the morning we had breakfast and checked out of the hotel. we bought tickets to sanl urfa and headed into [...]

travel diary – day 220 

day 216 – we washed craig’s car and did some shopping. we visited megan and while we chatted i rearranged her massive cd collection. it was fun because we kept giving her shit about her choices in music. in the afternoon we drove to the cake shop to pick up the cakes for the wedding, [...]

travel diary – day 185 

day 181 – i booked my train to beijing and a terracotta warrior tour. i walked down to the drum tower and took some photos. then i walked around the muslim quarter, bought some dried pineapple, took photos and walked back to the hotel. that evening i met a couple of dutch travelers and we [...]

travel diary day 5 

today’s entry is written in agra. i’m about 300 metres from the taj mahal, and i can see the taj from my hotel room. i’m writing this entry on the worst keyboard in the world. so i apologise for any spelling errors. day 3 (continued) – monday night kiwa and i (i think i was [...]