travel diary – day 445 

day 441 – after celebrating my birthday in poland, christina and i got a train to krakow for a look around. we arrived in the rain and headed to our hotel to check in. we walked around the city for a while and checked out the palace. as we returned to the town square we [...]

travel diary – day 435 

*note: apologies for not finishing what i started. marriage and the routines of regular life kept me from completing my travel diary. i have about 55 days remaining, which i hope to finish very soon. of course, i have hundreds of photos left to show … so that will be something i try to do [...]

travel diary – day 375 

day 371 – in the morning, sandra and i attacked the hotel’s buffet breakfast. the buffet wasn’t amazing, but we still had fun eating everything. we ate for two hours and, feeling full, walked it off around yadz. during the walking tour we visited the main mosque (and ended up talking to a group of [...]

travel diary – day 370 

day 366 – i had an early start, checked out and headed to the airport. the idiot security officer poked holes in my shoes (checking for bombs or drugs or some shit) which pissed me off. in total i had to take off my shoes three times and the security people were arseholes. in the [...]

travel diary – day 365 (a year on the road) 

day 361 – in the morning i checked email, then sat with sandra and shinji (a japanese guy at our hotel) downstairs drinking chai. then sandra and i went to the old city to look around. we met a woman who works as part of the old city restoration society. she showed us around and [...]

travel diary – day 350 

day 346 – it snowed like mad the whole day. after breakfast i walked around town taking photographs of the snow. it was a lot of fun because people were happy to let me take their picture – even though it was snowing and freezing cold. i returned to chowkhang gompa and took some photos [...]

photos from nepal 

top – mountains, ice, snow and rocks in the himalayas middle – everest base camp, looking up at the khumbu ice flow bottom – a crow amongst the prayer flags and the clouds

travel diary – day 299 

day 296 – in the morning i walked into town again. i checked a couple of travel agents and realised my plan (to fly to bangkok via brunei) was going to be too expensive. i gave up and walked back across town. on the way i found a korean restaurant and decided to grab some [...]

travel diary – day 295 

day 291 – i got another early start and headed to kl central station. i bought a flight to kota kinabalu and a return train ticket to singapore. it was a busy morning, so i raced back to my hotel and checked out. i stored my bag and returned to the train station to make [...]

travel diary – day 270 

day 266 – the previous day i’d seen some signs advertising the ‘medewi surf comp’ which was a local event organised by a few expats. the whole idea was to promote surfing and improve the medewi community. after breakfast, i found the organisers and offered to photograph the day for them. they jumped at the [...]

travel diary – day 250 

day 246 – craig and inyoung wanted to look at some houses, so we did that in the morning. then we went shopping and spent the afternoon at home. day 247 – i went to roma street and caught the intercity bus to hervey bay. i had been in two minds about visiting hervey bay. [...]