travel diary – day 405 

day 401 – after a lazy day we were ready to get moving again. we got some cash and checked out of the hotel. we caught a taxi down to the aqaba ferry terminal where we planned to get the boat to egypt. when we arrived there was a long wait for the ferry. we [...]

travel diary – day 325 

day 321 – it was cold on the train and i had difficulty sleeping. without a sleeping bag i had nothing to cover me or protect me from the cold wind that came in through the gap in the windows. the morning was better and i sat in the sun reading my book and looking [...]

antivirus becoming a necessary evil … even on linux 

antivirus, simply put, is a scam. sure virii are real. but one of the internet’s biggest legitimate money spinners is antivirus software. i’ve heard many discussions about this and my conclusion is that the conspiracy theorists are right: windows is flawed and microsoft have no interest in fixing flaws because billions of dollars would be [...]

travel diary – day 123 

day 121 – my room had wifi, so i did some stuff online, including chatting with friends. i had breakfast and wandered down to have another crack at finding a bike. i spoke to a motorbike taxi guy and he spoke really good english. when i told him what i wanted, he pointed straight at [...]

travel diary – day 115 

day 111 – today was a very lazy day. i stayed in khao san road all day reading my book. in the afternoon ploy called me and asked if i’d be interested in going out. as it turns out, today was aung san suu kyi’s birthday and there was a small gathering at one of [...]