travel diary – day 375 

day 371 – in the morning, sandra and i attacked the hotel’s buffet breakfast. the buffet wasn’t amazing, but we still had fun eating everything. we ate for two hours and, feeling full, walked it off around yadz. during the walking tour we visited the main mosque (and ended up talking to a group of [...]

travel diary – day 165 

day 161 – we woke up to a massive pancake breakfast that our hungry group couldn’t finish. the pancakes were piled high and we devoured them with bananas, honey and various jams. a little girl was playing on the fence across from our homestay, and when i spotted her, i ran across the road with [...]

travel diary – day 95 

day 91 – i woke up late and walked around khao san road for a while. i ended up sitting at one of the outdoor cafes enjoying  a beer and reading my book. i also inquired about the price of a tattoo from the tattooist near the cafe. after that, i went to ploy’s house. we [...]